Use of Lavender Oil

Our lavender oils have undergone chronographic tests to meet international standards.
All our lavender production is organic and controlled accordinglly (KBF/02416).


Aromatherapy uses...

  • as a massage oil
  • in oil burners
  • with pot pourri
  • with all forms of cosmetics
  • as a perfume
  • in some forms of food and beverages


General uses...

  • a few drops in your bath water
  • on the temples for headaches and migraine
  • as an inhalation
  • first aid for burns, colds, acne, congestion, sunburn and cold sores
  • as an aid to heal cuts, scratches and swellings
  • on the skin for insect bites
  • on your pillow for pre-sleep relaxation
  • with a massage oil for rheumatic and muscular pains on a handkerchief to relieve congestion
  • with lavender water in an atomizer as an air freshener, insect and fly repellant


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We are a family owned and operated business which provides to our customers a great opportunity to work with traditional farmers, keeping our fathers heritage and implementing modern growing technology.

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