Lavender story – one endless heritage… II

During the Renaissance, it was used to protect against infections during the Plaque. Today we find out that it has many medicinal beneficial properties which help us in so many ways. We now know of its insect repellent properties and the Plague was carried by the lice on the rats.

This demand brought about and encouraged cultivation and commercial farming to help keep up and maintain a constant supply for the royalty. Growing Lavender commercially got it start here.
At Victorian times - The Queen wanted a supply of fresh flower bundles brought to her daily. Lavender flower was strewn through stone castle floors and released it's scent under foot traffic. The scent of Lavender symbolized cleanliness and purity. This is how the history of English Lavender also called Lavandula angustifolia or Lavandula officinalis began.
According to the German nun Hildegard of Bingen, who lived from 1098-1179, lavender "water,"-a decoction of vodka, gin, or brandy mixed with lavender-is great for migraine headaches”.

With the return to natural products and natural health remedies interest has been revived in what herbs can do and what conditions they can treat.

A lot of modern day medicines have been derived from plant sources. Information on natural remedies and how they work is now of renewed interest by many seeking a cure from nature.


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