In our lands the apricot probably penetrated from Greece, but have long time kept individual trees in vilage yards, vineyards, and mixed fruit gardens. With the fast pace began to be planted after 1948 to 1973 the areas at Bulgaria exceed 100 thousand acres.


In line with its specific requirements, cultivation is concentrated in areas where conditions are most appropriate. And these are places near the larger lakes, where temperatures in late winter and early spring are more permanent and no abrupt variations.


Most large industrial plantations are established along the Danube and the our Black Sea coast. Particularly high concentration and specialization of apricot production is in the Silistra region. In the small-scale gardens and amateur apricot culture is grown almost throughout the country.



Kaliakra FRUIT GARDEN – At 2003 our cooperative been granted with EU funds for developing argicultural regions in Bulgaria, with a project for sеt-up and operation of fruit (apple) garden.