Their native is Caucasus. The beginning of the growing domestic plum (Prunus domestica) is even in prehistoric times. In its native Caucasus is considered, then the forms were moved and cultivated in Central Asia, Egypt, Mediterranean. The first historical evidence of Plum are sixth century BC, is sung by the Greek poets and Arhiloh Hiponaks.

Before the founding of the Bulgarian State plum has been grown by the ancient Greeks and later by the Romans and then by the Slavs.


The central Balkan  mountain area is the main center for plumbs cultivation in our country. It includes mainly hilly and mountainous terrain of Lovech and Gabrovo. The second area of importance is the average forest covering Panagyurishte(middle forest) ,  Pazardjik  and Plovdiv (Trakia valley)  and Karlovo. The third most important center is located in the northeastern part of the country - Targovishte, Razgrad and Shumen and the fourth is distinct in the western part and refer to him Sofia, Kyustendil and Blagoevgrad.


Kaliakra FRUIT GARDEN – At 2003 our cooperative been granted with EU funds for developing argicultural regions in Bulgaria, with a project for sеt-up and operation of fruit (apple) garden.