Barley can be sown from late autumn to early spring. This is due to the fact that only if it found distinct biotypes – winter, spring  winter-spring type  with a wide range of varieties of each. Stretched in time of sowing – this operation could occurs almost every year. Most often due to organizational reasons related to the release of the argicultural fields  (from previuos plants) and the cultivation of the soil. Another major reason is the climatic characteristics of the year.  


When choosing a field into account the requirements of culture to soil type, the precursor with herbicides. To obtain high yields it is imperative that a balanced nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilization provided by mineral or organic fertilizers.


Kaliakra BOIFARM is operating as well established producer of sunflower kernels, grains and cereals (wheat, barley, corn and coriander) on the local and the international marketplace.