The fruits (seeds) of coriander containing 0.25 to 1.25% essential and usually 17-24% oil. Since essential oils are derived fragrance products used widely in perfumery and cosmetics industry. Conventional oil is used in the manufacture of soap and obtaining oleic acid which is used in the textile and printing industry. Whole seeds are used as spice and candy in the canning industry. Coriander is a good precursor for all cultures and is an excellent honey plant.

The fruits of coriander (seeds) have been found in Egyptian tombs. For them is mentioned in the Ebers papyrus as well as in Sanskrit, old Europeans and Greco-Roman inscriptions, Pliny the Elder noted that the fresh meat with chipped fruits of coriander and vinegar, remained unchanged for a long time even in hot days .

Italian physician and botanist Matioli XVI century reported good quality of coriander in the preparation of delicious smoked meat, say, green leaves are a good remedy for stomach pains.

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