Corn is the crop is native to America. Aztecs, Mayans, Incas and North American tribes grew corn for hundreds of years before settlers to come to America.

Globally, corn is a major feed, food and industrial crop product. In our country, it ranks second after wheat. Of all the cereals maize gives the highest yield per unit area. Seen over the last two years almost significant drought throughout the country makes it necessary for manufacturers to be more careful in the selection of hybrids and to make appropriate changes in farming technology.


Early and medium early hybrids have 110-120 day growing season and harvested by low humidity, usually in late August and early September.
Their production capacities are from 600 to 1100 kg. / Ha. Medium late hybrids have 120-130 day growing season and harvested in late September.


They have productive opportunities - 900-1500 kg / ha. Late vegetative hybrids have 130-145 days and are good for areas in lowland areas, as appropriate to be cultivated under irrigation or on private farms.

Nutritional information:

  • Low in fat;
  • Does not contain cholesterol;
  • With very low in sodium;
  • Good source of Vitamin C.


Kaliakra BOIFARM is operating as well established producer of sunflower kernels, grains and cereals (wheat, barley, corn and coriander) on the local and the international marketplace.